Plan your events perfectly and give your guests a magical experience.

Turn on the desire to partecipate

The application helps you manage all aspects of an event: planning, content, location, invitations, registrations, accesses, experiences, documents, surveys and statistics.

The platform is multilingual and you can use it worldwide.

Choose when and together we will organize how

The planning of an event is only the starting point of a set of activities that must be perfectly organized and coordinated.

We give you the best tool and all the support you need to satisfy your guests.

You can manage single or multiple date events and calendar experiences within the same event.

Give light to the event

The application manages the information context in which to place the event.

It can be an area of an existing site or a dedicated site, provided as a service in the Cloud with any domain registration.

The layout can be created by your agency or by our graphic designers.

A solution for each location

The application allows you to manage different types of events and locations.

Institutional events in prestigious places, congresses and fairs.

Corporate events in equipped rooms or experiences in special places.

Marketing events in-store or at fashionable venues.

The platform manages one or more locations at the same time, the relative seat assignments and activity planning.

The Art of inviting

The application allows you to manage:

  • Importing recipients.
  • Sending invitations via email or other channels.
  • Custom tickets.
  • Any unique identification codes.
  • Information about the event.
  • The link for online registration.
  • Acceptance of the terms of service and privacy policy (in accordance with GDPR).

The right place for everybody

The application manages every aspect of booking and reception.

  • On-line and on-site reservations.
  • Availability display.
  • On-line ticket management.
  • Indications for access.
  • Self check-in and check-out.

Welcoming with style

The solution provides a ”Door App” for the reception of guests with the following functions:

  • Quick search for guests.
  • Scanning unique invitation code.
  • Assignment of places and services booked.
  • Dashboard of the registrations and entrance trend.
  • Badge generation and printing.

Put wings on emotions

The application allows you to organize and manage the use of experiences within the event such as, for example, the use of a simulator, the test of a car on the track, the tasting of a product…

You can also book and manage your guests’ experiences through a dedicated scheduler that allows you to manage on the fly any need you have on site.

Gather information useful to your goals

The application allows the realization and fruition of qualitative surveys or personalized marketing.

The surveys can be contextual to the event or carried out by sending emails to registered users.

In the Door App you can view a dashboard information on the progress of the surveys and export the results on special tracks.

Know more

The platform provides detailed and customizable reporting tools for events, subscribers and participants. You can access the information recorded during and after the event.

In particular, the platform provides reporting tools for:

  • Reservations by type of event, date, place.
  • Members and participants, by subject group, with an indication of the surveys carried out.
  • Dashboards of event performance and experiences.

Give shape and colour to your events

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